U is a live learning platform that enables anyone to teach live classes to pass along their expertise, and earn money for doing so. For participants, it’s a safe way to learn something new.

What can I do with U?

  • Teach a class - If you are an expert at something or have a teachable skill/talent, you are qualified to teach on U. As a teacher in U, you can host live classes, boot camps, interact with your students by chat or during a class and charge any fee you want.
  • Start a side hustle - Side hustles offer freedom and flexibility that you would never get working in the corporate world. Your day job might help you pay the essentials, but a side hustle at U is a game-changer that’ll make a difference in your wallet and career.
  • Learn a new skill - U is a place where you can learn classes ranging from coding and business to makeup and fashion hacks.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals - U allows you to connect with like-minded individuals that are learning the skills you are, like how you would at a traditional school or university via live chat and messaging.
  • Start a new career - The rise of unemployment has caused many people to loose their jobs. Learning new skills will allow you to start a new and lucrative career.

Who uses U?

  • Talented People - Individuals with teachable talents and skills.
  • Tutors - Current private tutors, online tutors, school tutors, etc. who have a passion for helping others.
  • Teachers - Current/retired school teachers who love sharing their knowledge with others.
  • Everyone - People who want to earn income for teaching their talents/skills, learn something new, get better in any field desired and ask field-related questions to experts and like-minded individuals. Including kids and teenagers.

Is U for you?

Most definitely! U encourages anyone and everyone to join as both an instructor and participant. Get started today.

What sets U apart?

There are a lot of online learning platforms that are focused on what participants can learn - which is fine. But, U's focus is on delivering live classes where participants get to ask questions and get real-time feedback. We give anyone who wants to teach a class everything they need (Zoom video, pre- and post-class messaging and handle all payment related stuff) so they can focus on delivering great content.

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